The dream interpretation and practice according to tantra and Tibetan medicine

Interview with Dr. Pasang Y. Arya, Sylvie BeguinImmagini medicina tibetana

What is the place of dream in the Tibetan culture ?

The dream practice and analysis has been used in Tibet since ancient time and is considered as an important part of the medical analysis and mind training. Tibetan Bon faith healers (Ancient shamans) used dreams to read the relationship between the spirits and humans, and diagnose diseases. There were also independent female “Dream tellers“ who were also involved with the government to make predictions to the kings about the politics and prosperity of the country. After Buddhism came to Tibet in the 7th century, dream analyzing culture developed along with medical knowledge and spiritual practice and became a more important subject. Even today, there are emminent spiritual dream tellers and visionaries able to give predictions on future happenings. The practice of dream analysis increased with the use of healthy dream interpretation and dream omens as a diagnosis in medical practice, according to the Gyud-shi (the four medical tantras), and with Yoga tantra as a spiritual practice for transformation of the body/mind.

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